Blackboard is Quinnipiac's Learning Management System where all your online courses are accessed. View information regarding How to Access Blackboard and Getting Started below.

How to Access Blackboard & Courses

For instructions for logging into Blackboard, view our Blackboard Login Guide.

Log into Blackboard here.

Getting Started

Blackboard home screen, with numbers overlain to describe the various locations on the page, described in detail below.
  1. Tabs - Navigation menu shortcuts that access University Resources. My Institution, Courses, Community and Help are located here at the top of the Blackboard website.
  2. Notifications Dashboard - Set up and view notifications for your courses. Located below the navigation menu.
  3. Tools - Contains shortcuts to common Blackboard tools. Located to the left of the page. Contains Announcements, Calendar, Tasks, My Grades, Send Email, Personal Information, and Goals.
  4. My Announcements - Displays new announcements for all courses you are taking. Located in the center of the page.
  5. My Organization - Displays organizations you are part of. These may consists of Advisor organizations or program related organizations. Located in the center of the page below My Announcements.
  6. My Courses - Displays the courses you are currently enrolled in. Some courses that appear as not currently available may not currently be running this term or the Instructor has not yet made it available. Located to the right of the page.
  7. Global Navigation - Displays Blackboard Calendar, course discussion board posts, and updates. Displayed as your first and last name in the top right of the page.
  8. Log Out Button - Log out of your current Blackboard session via the "power" icon. Located in the absolute top right of the page, to the right of the Global Navigation.
  9. Quick Links - Displays screen-reader accessible navigation links to aid keyboard only navigation. Located in the top left part of the page as a "chain link" icon.