The 121-credit bachelor of business administration (BBA) degree completion program allows students to transfer in a maximum of 76 credits.

The program's core courses prepare students with a deeper understanding of key business functions and the ability to apply functional knowledge to solve practical business problems. Additional coursework allows students to explore advanced business methodologies and build the skills needed to grow.

BBA Core Curriculum (36 credits):
Course Title Credits
BBA 205 Introduction to Information Systems 3
BBA 215 Financial Accounting 3
BBA 220 Managerial Accounting 3
BBA 225 Essentials of Management and Organizational Behavior 3
BBA 230 Business Law and Society 3
BBA 240 Fundamentals of Financial Management 3
BBA 245 Marketing Principles 3
BBA 310 Advanced Business Communications 3
BBA 320 Project Management 3
BBA 350 Applications of Business Analytics 3
BBA 490 Strategic Management 3
EC 272 Advanced Applied Statistics 3
Business Electives (Choose three - 9 credits):
BBA 330 Digital and Social Media Marketing 3
BBA 340 Negotiation and Persuasion 3
BBA 410 Career Advancement and Organizational Presence 3
BBA 440 Change Management 3

Open Electives (30 credits)

Bachelor of Business Administration students take 30 credits of open electives. These electives allow students the flexibility to customize their educational experience and focus on subjects that align with their personal interests and professional goals.

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.