MBA - Health Care Management Track

The business of health care is a complex, ever-changing entity that today's leaders are working hard to manage and transform. The health care management track prepares you to efficiently navigate your way through today's health care system from a business perspective.

Graduates from the program leave ready to work and innovate at insurance companies, government agencies, hospitals, physician's offices, health centers, diagnostic facilities, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The professional skills you learn from this program can be applied to either entry-level or mid-career administrator and management positions.


When you pursue the MBA health care management track, you'll earn the same number of credits as Quinnipiac University's traditional MBA program. The first 28 credits of the program are the MBA core requirements. You may then take specialized courses that focus on health care administration – including one 3-credit elective – to complete the 46 credits you need to earn your MBA.

Required Core Courses (25 credits):
Course Title Credits
MBA 601 Foundations for Decision Making 1
MBA 615 Managing the Decision Making Process 3
MBA 620 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making 3
MBA 625 Organizational Behavior and Leadership for Decision Makers 3
MBA 635 Decision Making for Business Operations 3
MBA 640 Financial Decision Making 3
MBA 645 Marketing Decision Making 3
MBA 660 Decision Making in a Global Economy 3
MBA 690 Decision Making Capstone 3
Decision Making Tools (choose one - 3 credits):
EC 600 Managerial Economics 3
CIS 600 Information Systems Strategy 3
MBA 610 Business Decision Analysis 3
Health Care Management Courses (15 credits):
HM 600 Foundations of Health Care Management 3
HM 621 Quality Management in Health Care Facilities 3
HM 663 Integrated Health Systems and Managed Care 3
HM 664 Financial Management in Health Care Organizations 3
HM 668 Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery 3
Electives (choose one - 3 credits):
HM 626 Epidemiology and Population Health 3
HM 630 Corporate Compliance in the Health Care Industry 3
HM 660 Human Resource Management in Health Care Administration 3
HM 669 Organization & Management of Long-Term Care Facilities 3
HM 671 Health Policy and Politics 3
HM 783/784 Consulting Practicum I & II 3
MG 603 Project Management 3
MG 641 Supply Chain Management 3

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Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.