MBA - Finance Track

To be successful in finance requires the ability to quickly adapt and make strategic decisions amidst ever-changing market conditions. For those pursuing careers in asset valuation or portfolio management, the finance track will prepare you with the skills needed to analyze market conditions, assess risk and make effective wealth management decisions.


When you pursue the finance track, you'll earn the same number of credits as Quinnipiac University's traditional MBA program. The first 28 credits of the program are the MBA core requirements. You may then take specialized, finance-focused courses to complete the 46 credits needed to earn your MBA. If you are interested in pursuing the finance track, we recommend that you indicate this to your adviser as early in the program as possible.

Required Core Courses (25 credits):
Course Title Credits
MBA 601 Foundations for Decision Making 1
MBA 615 Managing the Decision Making Process 3
MBA 620 Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making 3
MBA 625 Organizational Behavior and Leadership for Decision Makers 3
MBA 635 Decision Making for Business Operations 3
MBA 640 Financial Decision Making 3
MBA 645 Marketing Decision Making 3
MBA 660 Decision Making in a Global Economy 3
MBA 690 Decision Making Capstone 3
Decision Making Tools (choose one - 3 credits):
EC 600 Managerial Economics 3
CIS 600 Information Systems Strategy 3
MBA 610 Business Decision Analysis 3
Finance Courses (choose five - 15 credits):
AC 640 Financial Statement 3
FIN 604 Risk Management 3
FIN 610 Global Investment Analysis 3
FIN 612 Fixed Income Investments 3
FIN 615 Emerging Financial Markets 3
FIN 616 Derivatives 3
FIN 630 Portfolio Theory and Practice 3
FIN 660 Cases in Corporate Finance 3
FIN 665 Issues in Equity Compensation 3
FIN 670 Trading and Exchanges 3
IB 611 International Corporate Finance 3
Graduate Elective (3 credits):
Graduate Finance or Graduate Business Elective 3

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Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.