Course Descriptions

CIS*600Information Systems Strategy
CIS*620Data Management
CIS*627Data Warehousing
CIS*628Data Mining
CIS*690Project Management
EC*600Managerial Economics
FIN*630Portfolio Theory and Practice
FIN*665Issues in Equity Compensation
HM*630Corporate Compliance in the Health Care Industry
HM*660Human Resource Management in Health Care Administration
HM*663Integrated Health Systems and Managed Care
HM*664Financial Management in Health Care Organizations
HM*668Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery
MBA*601Foundations for Decision Making (MBA QUick Start)
MBA*610Business Decision Analysis
MBA*615Managing the Decision Making Process
MBA*620Financial and Managerial Accounting for Decision Making (AC 620)
MBA*625Organizational Behavior and Leadership for Decision Makers
MBA*635Decision Making for Business Operations
MBA*640Financial Decision Making
MBA*645Marketing Decision Making
MBA*660Decision Making in a Global Economy
MBA*690Strategic Management Capstone
MG*642Logistics Management
MK*610Research for Marketing and Business Decisions
MK*612New Product Marketing
MK*619Marketing Analytics