Science Leadership Track

The science leadership track centers around the improvement of science literacy through program inquiry, research, and peer coaching. In this program, you will learn a systematic approach to evaluate instruction methods and program standards to help fuel growth in student achievement. In addition, you will develop actionable strategies for mentoring your colleagues and working collaboratively to improve the teaching of science throughout your school. As part of the program's capstone experience, you will work closely with your peers to design and implement an action research plan intended to improve the science skills of students.

Required Courses (21 credits):
Course Title Credits
EDL 501 Teacher Leadership to Transform School Culture 3
EDL 503 Leading the Instructional Program to Improve Student Learning 6
EDL 505 Research-based Literacy Practices 3
EDL 509 Leading School Improvement 6
EDL 525 Diversity in the Classroom and School Community 3
Science Leadership Track (9 credits):
EDL 531 Cycles of Inquiry within the Science Classroom 3
EDL 532 Coaching Teachers of Science 3
EDL 533 Action Research in Science Leadership 3
ED 512* Disciplinary Core Ideas, Scientific and Engineering Practices, and Crosscutting Concepts 2

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.

*May be waived with permission from the program director.