Course Descriptions

EDL*501Teacher Leadership to Transform School Culture
EDL*503Leading the Instructional Program to Improve Student Learning
EDL*505Research-Based Literacy Practices
EDL*509Leading School Improvement
EDL*511Cycles of Inquiry within the Literacy Classroom
EDL*513Coaching Teachers of Literacy
EDL*515Action Research in Literacy Leadership
EDL*517Cycles of Inquiry within the Mathematics Classroom
EDL*521Action Research in Mathematics Leadership
EDL*523Leading Organizational Learning
EDL*525Diversity in the Classroom and School Community
EDL*527Financing Program Improvement Initiatives
EDL*529Educational Program Evaluation
EDL*531Cycles of Inquiry within the Science Classroom
EDL*532Coaching Teachers of Science
EDL*533Action Research in Science Leadership
EDL*601Leading and Managing the Contemporary School
EDL*603Leading and Managing the Instructional Program for Equitable Outcomes
EDL*605Leading and Managing School Improvement
EDL*607Administrative Internship in Educational Leadership
EDL*609Educational Program Evaluation
EDL*611Educational Law
EDL*613Public School Finance
EDL*700Connecticut Administrators Test