The 36-credit master of science in sports journalism writing track curriculum is made up of 33 credits of core requirements and one elective course. Students can use their three elective credits toward an internship, independent study program or one of three specialized courses.

Required Core Courses (33 credits):
Course Title Credits
JRN 550 Sportswriting Traditions 3
JRN 560 Multimedia Sports Reporting 3
JRN 562 Sports Media Law & Ethics 3
JRN 563 Sports Analytics 3
JRN 573 Sports Literature 3
JRN 574 Crafting the Sports Feature 3
JRN 580 Investigative Journalism 3
JRN 588 Researching & Writing the Sports Documentary 3
JRN 589 Critical Issues in Sports 3
JRN 595 Sports Clinical (Writing) 3
JRN 601/602 Master's Project or Thesis 3
Elective Courses (choose one - 3 credits):
JRN 500 Special Topics 3
JRN 528 Information Graphics & Design 3
JRN 530 Independent Study 3
JRN 531 Internship 3
JRN 582 American Sports History 3

Students may take any course not listed as a requirement in any track or in any School of Communications program with permission of program director. Electives are offered on an as-needed basis and may not be available during a given student's program of study.

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.