MS in Special Education with Cross Endorsement

Students seeking a cross endorsement in the state of Connecticut (CT #165) as part of their master of science in special education program will complete 36 total credits. The curriculum is made up of 30 credits of core requirements and rounded out with two 3 credit practica (6 credits total) in two different areas of special education tailored to your areas of interest.

Foundation Coursework (18 credits):
Course Title Credits
SPED 545 Introduction to the Exceptional Child 4
SPED 565 Specific Learning Disabilities: Identification, Instruction and Assessment (LD) 4
SPED 566 Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) 4
SPED 571 Emotional and Behavioral Disorder Identification, Management, and Assessment (EBD) 3
SPED 574 Understanding and Teaching Students with Intellectual Disabilities (ID) 3
Required Courses (12 credits):
SPED 568 Assessment/Program Planning and Evaluation for Children with Special Needs 3
SPED 570 Special Education Law 3
SPED 572 Educating Young Children with Special Needs 3
SPED 573 Reading Disorders: Assessment, Planning, and Instruction 3
Capstone Project for Students Seeking CT Cross Endorsement (6 credits):
SPED 579 Practicum in Special Education I 3
SPED 580 Practicum in Special Education II 3
  Total credits for MS in Special Education with CT Cross Endorsement 36
Optional Elective Coursework (Available by request):
SPED 575 Working with Gifted and Talented Students 3
SPED 576 Designing & Utilizing Assistive Learning Technologies 3

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.