Public Service / Nonprofit Leadership Track

With shrinking state governments, regulatory reform, fundraising challenges and a growing need for services and support, the need for capable leaders in the nonprofit and public management sectors has never been greater. Organizations that focus on the needs of others are looking for professionals who are big picture thinkers with a solid understanding of how to increase the bottom line.

The public service/nonprofit leadership track prepares you to fill these roles in all types of organizations – from local government offices to global, multi-million dollar organizations.

Required Core Courses (24 credits):
Course Title Credits
OL 601 Foundations of Organizational Leadership 3
OL 610 The Power and Politics of Communication 3
OL 615 Leadership Across Boundaries 3
OL 630 Performance Management 3
OL 640 Project Management 3
OL 650 Leading Organizational Change 3
OL 662 Ethics & Governance 3
OL 690 Leadership Consulting Capstone 3
Focus Track Elective Courses (9 credits):
OL 681 Leadership in Human Resources 3
OL 686 Leading Public Service Organizations 3
OL 687 Strategic Planning for Public Service Organizations 3

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.