Human Resource Leadership Track

Hiring, retaining and rewarding a competent workforce are all critical to the success of any organization. As today's business world gets increasingly complex, human resource executives must be able to effectively balance corporate goals with the capabilities of their staff.

The human resource track helps you understand how to achieve that balance. The coursework focuses on the special challenges you'll face in regard to recruitment, reward systems, and employee development and retention.

Required Core Courses (24 credits):
Course Title Credits
OL 601 Foundations of Organizational Leadership 3
OL 610 The Power and Politics of Communication 3
OL 615 Leadership Across Boundaries 3
OL 630 Performance Management 3
OL 640 Project Management 3
OL 650 Leading Organizational Change 3
OL 662 Ethics & Governance 3
OL 690 Leadership Consulting Capstone 3
Focus Track Elective Courses (9 credits):
OL 681 Leadership in Human Resources 3
OL 682 Employment Law for the Non-Lawyer 3
OL 683 Employee Development Strategies for Organizational Leaders 3

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.