Health Care Management Track

Rapidly evolving health care technology and increasing regulatory compliance regulations are continuing to grow the demand for professionals who can manage a medical environment. To fill that demand, thought leaders in the industry are calling for cross-training in health care management and organizational leadership.

The health care management track is designed to help you get the skills you need to answer that call. This program will help you develop expertise in the management of health care facility quality, human resources, finance, corporate compliance and the legal issues surrounding health care and epidemiology.

Required Core Courses (24 credits):
Course Title Credits
OL 601 Foundations of Organizational Leadership 3
OL 610 The Power and Politics of Communication 3
OL 615 Leadership Across Boundaries 3
OL 630 Performance Management 3
OL 640 Project Management 3
OL 650 Leading Organizational Change 3
OL 662 Ethics & Governance 3
OL 690 Leadership Consulting Capstone 3
Focus Track Elective Courses (choose three - 9 credits):
HM 600 Foundations of Health Care Management 3
HM 621 Quality Management in Health Care Facilities 3
HM 626 Epidemiology and Population Health 3
HM 630 Corporate Compliance in the Health Care Industry 3
HM 660 Human Resource Management in Health Care Administration 3
HM 664 Financial Management in Health Care Organizations 3
HM 668 Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery 3
HM 669 Organization and Management of Long-term Care Facilities 3
HM 671 Health Policy and Politics 3

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.