MS in Journalism - Writing Track

Quinnipiac University School of Communications
36 Total Credits Fall & Spring Start Dates
Develop a better professional story for yourself.

Even in the age of viral videos, non-fiction writing is one of the most thriving professional areas in contemporary news media. Journalists who work for companies like Vox, The Verge and Pando Daily are blazing creative trails. In this program, you have the opportunity to master the skills you need to thrive in this era of modern journalism.

The master of science in journalism writing track focuses on long-form writing, reporting and analysis. Learn to use reason, observation and data analysis to weave a concisely written, compelling story. Discover how you can develop fresh ideas, shed new light on meaningful topics and enhance the understanding of today's complex societies and cultures.

Completing the writing track will prepare you for many different career paths, including:

  • Reporting or editing for news websites, magazines and apps
  • Long-form writing of non-fiction narratives
  • Writing for documentary films
  • Opinion writing and advocacy journalism
  • Creating content, managing and editing for multimedia news

Which professional story you choose to create for yourself is up to you.

Curriculum Overview

The core requirements of the master of science in journalism writing track cover all aspects of the profession, including history, ethics, reporting analytics, research, writing, investigative journalism and news feature development. Also included in the core requirements is your master's project or thesis. Your choice of one elective course will allow you to explore your interests further, whether through courses such as covering government and politics, a master's seminar or an independent study program.

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With a global reputation for excellence in both undergraduate and graduate education, Quinnipiac University's School of Communications produces some of the most intelligent and talented professionals in modern media. Both the school's online and on-campus programs are designed to help students thrive, even as the communications landscape and the technology that drives it drastically shift at a rapid pace.

The school also prepares students for the highly competitive fields that fall under the communications umbrella. Our graduates are recruited by top advertising, entertainment, marketing and news organizations that seek expertise in content creation, production and management.

Admission Requirements


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