The 36-credit master of science in interactive media curriculum is made up of 21 credits of core requirements, and 15 credits for coursework relating to your concentration of choice. The coursework is rounded out with three elective credits. Students can use their elective credits toward an internship or toward an independent study program, which can be used to conduct advanced research or work on a particular topic.

Core Requirements (15 credits):
Course Title Credits
ICM 501 Issues in Contemporary Media 3
ICM 502* Information Design 3
ICM 505* Web Techniques Development 3
ICM 506 Writing for Interactive Media 3
ICM 552 Media Ethics and Policy 3
Concentrations (pick one - 12 credits):
Multimedia Production Concentration
ICM 504 Interactive Animation and Mobile Design 3
ICM 508 Multimedia Production 3
ICM 509 Advanced Multimedia Production 3
ICM 516 Advanced Interactive Animation 3
Social Media Concentration
ICM 522 Social Media Platforms, Concepts, and Usage 3
ICM 524 Social Media Analytics, SEO, and Search 3
ICM 526 Community Management 3
ICM 527 Strategic Planning 3
User Experience Design Concentration
ICM 512 Design for the User 3
ICM 513 Information Architecture and Content Strategy 3
ICM 514 Usability Methods 3
ICM 517 Prototyping 3
Custom Concentration
Five courses chosen from the list of interactive media concentration courses. Courses from other School of Communication graduate programs are also available. Requires approval of Program Director and Associate Dean.
Required Capstone Experience (6 credits):
ICM 590 Project Planning 3
ICM 601 Master's Capstone 3
Electives (choose one - 3 credits):
Any ICM course outside of the student's chosen track concentration is available as an elective. Graduate Courses in Journalism and Public Relations are also available as electives
ICM 530 Independent Study 3
ICM 531 Graduate Internship 3

*Under the advisement of the program director, students with an advanced background in web design and development may opt to waive ICM 502 and 505. These students will then be eligible to replace these courses with electives of their choosing to fulfill the program's credit requirements.

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.