Specialization in Instructional Design for Corporate or Nonprofit Environments

Learn effective design, production and implementation of digital resources for a broad range of educational uses – including publishing, museum exhibits, corporate training programs and more. With the coursework for this specialization, you'll become proficient at applying what you learn about sound educational and design practices to areas such as web design, interactive environments, and the production of digital video. You have the freedom to concentrate your efforts on areas that you find particularly interesting or relevant to your career plan.

Required Foundation Courses (15 credits):
Course Title Credits
Theoretical Foundations of Education
IDN 525 Instructional Design for Digital Environments 3
IDN 526 Cognitive Science and Educational Design 1 3
IDN 527 Cognitive Science and Educational Design 2 3
Design Foundations
IDN 528 Designing Digital Environments for Education 1 3
IDN 529 Designing Digital Environments for Education 2 3
Elective Courses (choose three - 9 credits):
Production, Implementation & Evaluation
IDN 530 Web Design for Instruction 3
IDN 531 Design for Interactive Educational Environments 3
IDN 533 Producing Educational Video and Digital Training 3
Capstone Experience* (6 credits):
IDN 540 Thesis/Portfolio 6

*Capstone experience may be taken over one semester or two consecutive semesters

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.