Specialization in Technology for the K-12 Classroom

Discover how to address the challenges of implementing digital learning resources for the K-12 classroom. With this specialization, you'll examine best practices for the use of technology; issues such as selecting, budgeting for and evaluating digital resources; and how to mentor and support faculty in the use of technology. You'll also develop expertise in the hands-on design and pedagogical use of interactive environments such as games, simulations and micro worlds, and in the evaluation of new technologies for educational use.

Required Foundation Courses (15 credits):
Course Title Credits
Theoretical Foundations of Education
IDN 525 Instructional Design for Digital Environments 3
IDN 526 Cognitive Science and Educational Design 1 3
IDN 527 Cognitive Science and Educational Design 2 3
Design Foundations
IDN 528 Designing Digital Environments for Education 1 3
IDN 529 Designing Digital Environments for Education 2 3
Elective Courses (9 credits):
Production, Implementation & Evaluation
IDN 531 Design for Interactive Educational Environments 3
IDN 534 Implementing Digital Media for Learning 3
IDN 535 New Directions in Digital Environments for Learning 3
Capstone Experience* (6 credits):
IDN 540 Thesis/Portfolio 6

*Capstone experience may be taken over one semester or two consecutive semesters

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.