The core of the 30-credit master of science in cybersecurity is made up of coursework that embodies the knowledge units set forth by the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education (CAE-CDE). Degree coursework culminates with a capstone project that challenges students to examine the architecture of a complex system, identify vulnerabilities, and determine the specific security approaches that should be employed.

For individuals working in the field seeking to fine tune their current skill sets without immediately pursuing a complete degree, you may elect to take any of the one credit courses listed below as stackable credentials. Any credits earned may be applied toward the completion of a degree at the later date.

Risk Management Coursework (6 credits)
Course Title Credits
CYB 501 Foundations of Cybersecurity 1
CYB 502 Introduction to Cyber Threats 1
CYB 503 Introduction to Cyber Defense 1
CYB 550 Cyber Policy 3
Security Technology Coursework (3 credits)
CYB 540 Introduction to Secure Networking 1
CYB 509 Operating Systems Security 1
CYB 517 Introduction to Cryptography 1
Data Security Coursework (3 credits)
CYB 524 Relational Database Security 1
CYB 526 Non-relational Database Security 1
CYB 670 IoT Security 1
Software Security Coursework (6 credits)
CYB 506 Introduction to Programming for Security Professionals 1
CYB 660 Programming for Security Analytics 1
CYB 661 Programming for Security Automation 1
CYB 662 Secure Web Applications Design 1
CYB 663 Secure Web Applications Engineering 1
CYB 664 Web Applications Security Testing 1
Access Security Coursework (3 credits)
CYB 665 Workforce Access Security 1
CYB 667 B2C Access Security 1
CYB 669 B2B Access Security 1
Cloud Security Coursework (3 credits)
CYB 680 Introduction to Cloud Security 1
CYB 681 Securing Workloads in AWS 1
CYB 682 Securing Workloads in Azure 1
Resilient Systems Security Coursework (3 credits)
CYB 683 Resilient Systems Design and Development 1
CYB 684 Resilient Systems Testing 1
CYB 685 Operating Resilient Systems 1
Capstone Project (3 credits)
CYB 691 MS Cybersecurity Capstone 3

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.