The 33-credit master of science in business analytics curriculum is made up of eight required courses and three elective courses. The coursework is designed to give students the skills needed to thrive in the increasingly data-driven business culture.

Required Core Courses (24 credits):
Course Title Credits
BAN 610 Introduction to Business Analytics 3
BAN 615 Predictive Modeling 3
BAN 621 Data Management 3
BAN 622 Data Warehousing 3
BAN 628 Data Mining 3
BAN 629 Text Mining 3
BAN 650 Data Visualization 3
BAN 690 Business Analytics Capstone 3
Elective Courses* (choose three - 9 credits):
BAN 661 Web Analytics and Web Intelligence 3
BAN 662 Insurance Analytics 3
BAN 663 Programming for Data Analysis 3
BAN 664 Health Care Analytics 3
BAN 665 Big Data and Hadoop 3
BAN 667 Business Design and Object-oriented Analysis 3
BAN 668 Introduction to Python Programming for Data Analytics 3
BAN 669 Project Management 3

*Additional elective business courses are available to students at the discretion of the program director.

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.