Online Graduate Programs

Grow. Advance. Lead.

The online graduate programs offered by Quinnipiac University are designed to help you evolve your career – whether your goal is to strengthen your industry, take on a leadership role, develop a particular expertise or simply improve your on-the-job performance. Tap into the most supportive educational community online, and get the tools you need to take your career to the next level.

School of Business

Professional MBA

The business world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Our acclaimed, 33-credit Professional MBA program prepares you with the career-ready skills needed to thrive as an innovative, data-driven leader. As a student in the program, you will have the opportunity to customize your learning experience through a wide array of electives across a number of disciplines, including health care management, international business, finance, marketing and more.

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Big data becomes more manageable with this specialized, 33-credit program, designed for students and professionals who seek leadership positions that require a deep understanding of sophisticated analytics. In today's evolving business world, mastery of these quantitative skills – and the ability to apply them to the most difficult challenges – is in high demand.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

The word "leader" is freely tossed around, but there are few people who rise to the challenge and become true, effective leaders in their organizations. Our graduate-level organizational leadership program emphasizes the self-awareness needed to grow and explores the key skills needed to thrive as a 21st-century leader, including emotional intelligence, leadership communication and conflict resolution. A wide range of electives offer you the opportunity to align the program with your career goals and earn additional credentials to further distinguish yourself.

School of Communications

Master of Science in Interactive Media and Communications

In the digital world, change occurs at an extraordinary pace, more than in any other industry. The MS in interactive media and communications helps professionals prepare for those changes by creating innovative thinkers and teaching emerging technological skills that students can immediately implement on the job. Students may choose their own electives from coursework centered around today's most in-demand digital skills including web design and development, social media, UX/UI, and more.

Master of Science in Public Relations

As the role of public relations professionals continues to expand, there is a growing need for PR experts who can build, strengthen, and maintain a strong relationship between client and consumer. The online MS in public relations program at Quinnipiac prepares students with the advanced skills needed to successfully function as a manager within the field.

School of Education

Master of Science in Instructional Design

With so many new digital tools, materials for learning can be more effective than ever. Our master's program in instructional design gives you the opportunity to make a real impact on the learning process – in schools, universities, other nonprofit organizations, or business settings– by teaching you how to apply what we know about how people learn to the design of educational materials using cutting-edge technology. Students may choose from a variety of electives to customize a program that fits their unique career objectives.

Master of Science in Special Education

There is a growing demand for educators and professionals who possess the necessary skill set to foster an inclusive learning environment and help all students succeed. The 30-credit MS in Special Education provides graduates with a deeper understanding of the laws governing special education and the skills to create a safe and effective learning environment. Current teachers may elect to seek a cross-endorsement in special education, but students are not required to be teachers to earn the degree.

School of Engineering

Master of Science in Cybersecurity

With the growth of sophisticated cyber attacks impacting high profile organizations, businesses are actively seeking skilled professionals who can effectively protect their digital assets. Our 30-credit MS in cybersecurity program equips you with the in-demand skills needed to effectively lead prevention, detection and recovery efforts against cyber attacks.

School of Nursing

Master of Science in Nursing in Operational Leadership

As health care continues to evolve, expectations for nurses go far beyond patient care. The 29-credit MS in nursing in operational leadership may be completed entirely online and prepares practicing nurses with advanced skills in organizational dynamics, patient safety and leadership to fill the need for dynamic professionals at the point of care – all while embracing the culture of compassion that the profession embodies.