All students currently holding an entry-level MOT in occupational therapy will be required to take all courses in the OTD curriculum.

The curriculum consists of 32 credits broken down below.

If you will be entering the program with a bachelor's degree, please learn more about curriculum requirements.

Professional Development/Agent of Change Courses (12 credits):
Course Title Credits
OT 650 Application of Theory and Exploration of Occupation 3
OT 651 Systems 3
OT 652 Doctoral Seminar 1
OT 653 Policy/Ethics 2
OT 655 Professional Seminar 3
Critical Inquiry of Scholarship (14 credits):
(courses must be completed in the order listed)
OT 654 Critical Inquiry of Scholarship I 3
OT 640 Directed Study in Evidence-Based Practice 3
OT 656 Critical Inquiry of Scholarship II 4
OT 680 Capstone I 2
OT 681 Capstone II 2
Professional Focus Courses (6 credits):
OT 660 Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in Children and Youth 3
or OT 661 Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in Environmental Adaptations 3
or OT 662 Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in the Adult Health Care Continuum 3
OT 670 Leadership in Program Development/Business 3
or OT 671 Leadership in Higher Education 3
or OT 672 Leadership in Practice 3

Residency requirement
All students are required to attend Quinnipiac University for a one week residency during the summer. Students are also required to attend the Symposium Day at the completion of the second year in order to present his/her final project.

Class Schedule
Classes begin in the fall. Program requires five semesters: two academic years and summer between.

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.