Course Descriptions

OT*615Critical Writing I
OT*620Foundations in Teaching and Learning I
OT*621Creating Effective Learning Environments and Experiences
OT*625Special Topics in School-Based Practice I
OT*626Special Topics in School-Based Practice II
OT*635Scholarly Use of Evidence in Writing
OT*640Directed Study in Evidence-Based Practice
OT*650Application of Theory and Exploration of Occupation
OT*652Doctoral Seminar
OT*654Critical Inquiry of Scholarship
OT*655Professional Seminar
OT*656Critical Inquiry of Scholarship II
OT*660Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in Children and Youth
OT*661Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in Environmental Adaptations
OT*662Seminar: Innovations and Emerging Issues in the Adult Health Care Continuum
OT*670Leadership in Program Development/Business
OT*671Leadership in Higher Education
OT*672Leadership in Practice
OT*680Capstone I
OT*681Capstone II