BS to OTD Bridge

Many experienced practitioners entered the field of occupational therapy when the bachelor's degree was the accepted entry-level degree. However, as health care demands have evolved, so has the need for an advanced degree. If you have a bachelor's degree, the BS to OTD program is designed to help you meet the requirements you need to begin the occupational therapy doctoral program.

Quinnipiac University's clinical experience requirements will ensure you receive exactly what you need to prepare for doctoral level work and ultimately go further in the field of occupational therapy. The BS to OTD Bridge program begins every spring and requires four courses to be completed(two per semester) prior to OTD entry.

Admission Requirements

In addition to meeting the admission requirements for the OTD program, students interested in applying for the BS to OTD bridge program must also:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy (a master's is not required for the bridge program)
  • Complete two semesters of coursework prior to entering the OTD curriculum


BS to OTD bridge students must complete the following courses in addition to the OTD curriculum (32 credits).

BS to OTD Bridge Requirements (12 credits):
Course Title Credits
OT 600 Evidence-Based Practice in OT 3
OT 602 Practice Trends in Occupational Therapy 3
OT 610 Legal Research and Practice Implications 3
OT 611 Administrative/Management 3

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