Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Transform into an agent of change.

The field of occupational therapy needs leaders who are committed to the development of others. This online program prepares you for that role with minimal on-campus requirements, which means there's no need to interrupt your career while you move forward.

Our clinically focused doctoral program, designed for registered occupational therapists, allows you to merge your experience and practical skills with prevailing professional knowledge and scholarship, so you can evolve your career and become an agent of change in your field of expertise. This is in line with the American Occupational Therapy Association's "Centennial Vision."

In addition to preparing you for leadership in the long term, the skills you learn in this program can be immediately applied to your current work in the field.

Curriculum Overview

The occupational therapy doctorate is a 32-credit program. The curriculum prepares students for leadership roles with courses focusing on fundamental theory, ethics, policy, advocacy and critical inquiry of scholarship. Professional focus courses allow you to delve deeper into topics such as community-based services, environmental adaptations, the adult health care continuum, and leadership as it applies to higher education, program development and business. All students are required to attend a one-week, on-campus class offered during the summer, as well as the symposium day at the end of the program.

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Because health care demands have evolved, occupational therapy students now graduate with master's degrees instead of bachelor's degrees. If you already have a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy, the bachelor of science (BS) to occupational therapy doctorate (OTD) bridge program will help you meet the requirements you need in order to begin the occupational therapy doctoral program.

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Both the graduate and undergraduate programs at Quinnipiac University's School of Health Sciences have earned a reputation for excellence in education. Top practitioners and scholars help students thrive – both in the classroom and online. The lessons and mentoring opportunities afforded by this program can give students a definitive edge as they pursue their careers in a growing health care industry.

School of Health Sciences graduates are recruited by top organizations that seek their advanced knowledge of health care research and associated skills.

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