Nursing Leadership Track

The post-master's DNP nursing leadership program is ideal for nurses with master's degrees who currently hold a leadership position within their organization, or those who aspire to obtain one.

Through this track, you'll explore the following topics as they relate to health care: policy, collaboration, legal context, relationship management, strategic leadership and financial management. Fieldwork of 600 hours will give you experience with leaders in the field, and the entire program can be completed in two years.

Nursing Leadership Track (31-35 credits):
Course Title Credits
NUR 500 Biostatistics 1
NUR 514 Epidemiology & Evidence-Based Practice 3
NUR 516 Health Policy and Organizational Systems 3
NUR 542 Introduction to Healthcare Finance 1
NUR 602 Principles of Ethical Theory in Nursing 1
NUR 610 Clinical Scholarship and Inquiry in Nursing 2
NUR 610 PBL DNP Project I (120 Fieldwork Hours) 2
NUR 611 Nursing Leadership Seminar: Culture of Safety 1
NUR 612 Leadership and Collaboration for Change in Health Care 2
NUR 612 PBL DNP Project II (120 Fieldwork Hours) 2
NUR 613 Leadership Seminar & Fieldwork Experience: Applying Data to Practice (120 Fieldwork Hours) 2
NUR 615 Leadership Seminar & Fieldwork Experience: Legal Contexts of Health Care (120 Fieldwork Hours) 2
NUR 617 Nursing Leadership Fellowship I: Relationship Management (120 Fieldwork Hours) 2
NUR 619 Nursing Leadership Fellowship II: Strategic Leadership 1
NUR 621* Post-Master's Additional Graduate Clinical (120-480 Fieldwork Hours) 1-4
HM 600 Foundations of Health Care Management 3
STC 517 Strategic Communication for Health Professionals 3

*Taken as needed to secure sufficient field work observation.

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Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.