Special Education Certificate of Completion

Quinnipiac University School of Education 13 Total Credits Fall & Spring Start Dates
Learn the strategies needed for today's inclusive classroom.

As children with special needs are identified at earlier ages, the demand for teachers with strong backgrounds in special education is rapidly increasing. The more training you have in interventions and accommodations, the more prepared you will be to teach in an inclusive classroom, which is becoming more the norm than the exception.

You will learn strategies for differentiation, collaboration and accommodations that will help you and your students thrive in today's classroom setting. You'll also gain a solid grasp on the laws that govern this area of education, including IDEA, 504 and the ADA.

Curriculum Overview

The special education certificate of completion is a 13-credit program. The curriculum covers the exceptional child, emotional and learning disabilities, and autism and related communication disorders. In addition to these courses, you'll have the opportunity to complete your own independent research project to round out the curriculum.

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