Certificate in Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate

Foster a Supportive Culture of Safety and Understanding

The foundation for student success is the environment in which he/she learns. Students must feel physically and emotionally safe in the classroom and feel supported by their teacher and classmates. In light of numerous issues with bullying and violence in schools, social and emotional learning has come to the forefront of education as a critical element of a successful school culture.

The online certificate in social and emotional learning and school climate program at Quinnipiac University will prepare teachers, administrators, and other key members of the school system with the skills and strategies needed to create a safe school climate. Based on insights and research from the Comer School Development Model, this program will provide the hands-on experience needed to affect both individual and structural changes needed to promote a school-based environment that is safe, supportive, effective and equitable.

Summer Application Deadline: May 8th
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Curriculum Overview

This graduate certificate in social and emotional learning and school climate provides a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach toward developing school personnel who can return to their educational institutions with the knowledge and skills needed to ensure lasting structural changes that will positively affect school climate. Coursework explores the foundations of social emotional learning and provides you with the opportunity to implement and evaluate an action-research plan within your school.

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Today's educators have access to an increasingly connected global community and an abundance of digital resources. In addition to connecting our candidates to those resources, Quinnipiac University's School of Education has a collaborative community of its own, both online and off. That community includes our outstanding faculty members – experienced educators, top practitioners and scholars–who guide and support students through our programs every step of the way.

This environment prepares candidates for fulfilling careers in education and human development by cultivating:

  • An ability to engage in sound practice that is informed by educational theory
  • A commitment to equity and social justice
  • A deeply reflective and mindful approach to their work

By fostering personal as well as intellectual transformation, we aim to prepare innovators committed to positive social change, who will have a meaningful impact on the lives and futures of learners.

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