The health care compliance certificate program consists of a mix of graduate courses in both the School of Business and the School of Law. In addition to required courses on corporate compliance in the health care industry and financial management, you'll be required to select two general management courses and two law courses.

Required Core Curriculum (3 credits):
Course Title Credits
HM 630 Corporate Compliance in the Health Care Industry 3
General Management (choose two - 6 credits):
HM 621 Quality Management in Health Care Facilities 3
HM 660 Human Resource Management in Health Care Administration 3
MG 603 Project Management 3
Law Courses (choose two - 6 credits):
HM 668 Legal Aspects of Health Care Delivery 3
LAWS 345 Health Law 3
LAWS 348 Advanced Law & Medicine 3
HM 647 Health Care Business Transactions 3
LAWS 542 Healthcare Industry Regulation & Control 3
Financial Management (3 credits):
HM 664 Financial Management in Health Care Organizations 3

Courses and curriculum requirements are subject to change.