Graduate Certificate in User Experience Design

Craft a seamless experience for any device

As today's web users continue to access websites and applications through a variety of electronic devices and screen sizes, user experience design has become a critical element of business strategy. Users will not tolerate anything less than a well-designed experience that is both interactive and intuitive.

While one-off courses can be helpful in learning the basics, the graduate certificate in user experience design offers a more comprehensive approach to user centered design. Graduates of this program will be prepared to research, design, develop, test, and prototype an effective, end-to-end user experience on any device.

The faculty have deep professional experience in all facets of UX. Courses are structured to give you ready access to your professors and fellow students.

Career, resume, and portfolio advice is available for participating students. Students are invited to join an exclusive network of more than 350 Quinnipiac interactive media alumni working in all industries.

Any credits that you earn during this program may also be applied towards the MS in Interactive Media upon acceptance into the program.

Next Application Deadline: January 11th
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Curriculum Overview

The graduate certificate in user experience design is a nine-credit program. The curriculum explores all of the elements that go into creating an extraordinary user experience including user research, information architecture, interface design, usability testing, and prototyping.

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