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When you spend most or even part of your time in the professional world, it's hard to find time to further your education, and even harder to find a quality program with faculty and staff who are dedicated to helping you succeed. Quinnipiac University's online programs – a full suite of undergraduate, graduate and doctorate degrees and certificate programs – are designed to do exactly that. Access to our full-time faculty and the resources you need to go further in your career – and in life – are what set our online programs apart from others.

Online Undergraduate Programs

School of Health Sciences

Bachelor of Science in Health Science Studies

For those with an associate's degree or 60 credits in science, the BS in health science studies allows students to complete a degree and be prepared for either graduate level work or an entry-level position in the field of health science. This program is also designed to help those interested in making a complete career change to health sciences from an unrelated field.

School of Nursing

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

With health care evolving every day and an increasing demand for nurses with bachelor's degrees, our online RN to BSN program gives you the tools and expertise you need to evolve with it. Learn from knowledgeable faculty members who apply years of real-world applications to each lesson to create a richer learning experience.

Online Graduate Programs

School of Business

Master of Business Administration

The business world is changing at an unprecedented pace. Our acclaimed, 46-credit MBA degree program prepares you to lead in this dynamic field by combining fundamental theories with invaluable interpersonal and professional skills. MBA students have the option of choosing a Chartered Financial Analyst® track, health care management track, or supply chain management track for a more focused experience.

Master of Science in Business Analytics

Big data becomes more manageable with this specialized, 33-credit program, designed for students and professionals who seek leadership positions that require a deep understanding of sophisticated analytics. In today's evolving business world, mastery of these quantitative skills – and the ability to apply them to the most difficult challenges – is in high demand.

Master of Science in Organizational Leadership

The word "leader" is freely tossed around, but there are few people who rise to the challenge and become true, effective leaders in their organizations. Our graduate-level organizational leadership program places an emphasis on the self-awareness and understanding of others necessary to become a good leader, and then focuses on ethics, communication and strategic thinking and analysis. Students in this program may choose one of four professional focus tracks: health care management, human resource leadership, public service/nonprofit leadership, or strategic leadership.

School of Communications

Master of Science in Interactive Media

In the digital world, change occurs at an extraordinary pace, more than in any other industry. The MS in interactive media helps professionals prepare for those changes by creating innovative thinkers and teaching emerging technological skills that students can immediately implement on the job. Students have the option to pursue a multimedia production concentration, social media concentration, user experience design concentration or their own custom concentration.

Master of Science in Journalism - Writing Track

Modern journalism requires a different kind of writer – someone who is able to tell the full story in the most concise manner possible, yet can also master long-form writing and create rich, robust content. The MS in journalism (online writing track) prepares students for careers in broadcast/multimedia news and in traditional and emerging media companies. Ethics, objectivity and balance provide an essential backbone to every skill and theory taught in the program.

Master of Science in Sports Journalism - Writing Track

Sports journalism has and continues to change exponentially. With a master of science in sports journalism, students learn the skills needed to stay on the cutting-edge of the field. They learn to use reason, analysis and advanced writing techniques to formulate relevant, engaging stories on the games, athletes, and cultural and social influences that surround amateur, collegiate and professional sports.

School of Education

Master of Science in Instructional Design

With so many new digital tools, teaching materials are more effective than ever. Our instructional design master's program gives you the opportunity to make a real impact on the learning process – both in schools and in other educational settings– by teaching you how to apply what we know about how people learn to the design of educational materials using cutting-edge technology. Students in this program may choose one of the following specializations: design and development of online learning, technology for the K-12 classroom or instructional design for corporate or nonprofit environments.

Master of Science in Teacher Leadership

The MS in teacher leadership program is ideal for teachers who are ready to evolve into leaders. The program prepares teacher leaders by focusing on the skills necessary to positively transform school culture, embrace diversity in the classroom, and improve both school and student outcomes. Objectives of the program are aligned with the standards of the Educational Leadership Constituent Council. Students in this program may choose one of three areas of specialization: literacy leadership, mathematics leadership or program improvement leadership.

Online Doctorate Programs

School of Health Sciences

Occupational Therapy Doctorate

Designed for practicing registered occupational therapists who want to merge their experience and practical skills with prevailing professional knowledge and scholarship, the occupational therapy doctorate prepares you for a leadership role without interrupting your career. This clinically-focused program allows you to become an agent of change within your community and advance your career, the field of occupational therapy and the lives of your patients.

School of Nursing

Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

The post-master's doctor of nursing practice (DNP) prepares graduates to take a more active role in improving the quality of care for patients, managing effective use of resources, inter-professional collaboration, disease prevention efforts and ethically-based care. Students may choose from three specialized tracks: care of populations, nurse anesthesia or nursing leadership.

Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) - Nurse Anesthesia Track

The nurse anesthesia track is designed to help practicing nurse anesthetists to advance into leadership positions in clinical practice through a well-balanced DNP curriculum. Students in this program will explore topics ranging from human factors and patient safety to health care leadership, and will be well-prepared to excel in the competitive field of nursing upon graduation.

Online Certificate Programs

School of Business and School of Law

Health Care Compliance Certificate

The School of Business and School of Law jointly offer this highly specialized certificate program that is designed to meet the high demand for health care managers and attorneys who are knowledgeable about compliance with federal and state regulations. Quinnipiac University is certified by the Health Care Compliance Association (HCCA) to offer the first university-based program in the country to train health care compliance officers.

School of Communications

Advanced Graduate Certificate in Social Media

This online certificate program is ideal for both professionals who need social media skills to go further in their jobs and those who have taken over as the leaders of their company's social media functions. Students can gain a full foundational understanding of social media as well as tools that they can take back to the workplace and use immediately to help their organizations thrive.

School of Education

Special Education Certificate of Completion

Children are being diagnosed with special needs at younger ages than in the past. As a result, there is a growing demand for classroom teachers at all levels to have training in special education. This online certificate program arms teachers of inclusive classrooms with strategies for differentiation, collaboration and accommodation that will both help you in the classroom and give you a competitive edge in the job market.