Support Services

Quinnipiac University is committed to supporting you throughout your educational journey. Our knowledgeable faculty members bring decades of experience in the fields that they teach and take pride in forming close relationships with their students. In addition, we provide easy access to helpful tools and resources along with a dedicated team here to support you with any technical or administrative challenges that you may encounter. With all of these factors combined, you have everything you need for a successful learning experience.

Technical & Administrative Support

Quinnipiac's support staff is here to help you overcome any technical or administrative challenges you may face during your coursework. Our goal is to provide you with a user-friendly, supportive environment from the very beginning of your program to well after you've completed your studies. We even offer a Web-based orientation to help guide you before you begin classes.

Current students may click here to access Quinnipiac's Knowledge Base. This support hub provides access to helpful resources and guides to help you throughout your studies and also provides a direct link to submit a technology help request. Please note you must have an active student ID to access this page.

Financial Aid

Quinnipiac University does everything possible to educate and counsel students regarding financing and planning their education. We provide you with the resources you need to pursue your goals without significant financial disruption. All financial aid services provided by Quinnipiac are in line with federal, state and University policies. To find out more, or to explore the many financial avenues Quinnipiac offers to students, please visit our financial aid page.

Academic Advising

One of the most important support services offered by Quinnipiac University is academic advising. Your adviser will assist you throughout your program with multiple academic issues and help keep you on track with your course selections. If you want to change courses, modify your program, look at different electives or change the pace of your learning experience in any way, your adviser is there to help. They can also handle a leave of absence or a program withdrawal if required.