Online Learning Experience

Quinnipiac University was an early adopter of online learning in 2001, and has since emerged as a thought leader in the delivery of online learning. The online learning experience at Quinnipiac embodies the University's core values of delivering high-quality academic programs while fostering a student-oriented environment and strong sense of community.

Taking an online course at Quinnipiac delivers the experience of a traditional classroom setting with the flexibility to fit the busiest of schedules. Courses are delivered using the most effective and innovative methods possible and are delivered asynchronously to allow students to work at their own pace. Each course also requires student interaction and discussion to facilitate a collaborative classroom experience.

Navigating the Online Classroom

The team at Quinnipiac University is always available to support you throughout your online learning experience through a variety of services and resources.

  • FAQ - A list of all the most frequently asked questions by incoming students.
  • Student Support Services - Support services offered by Quinnipiac
  • Financial Aid - Information on financial aid services available to online students.

The Growth of Online Learning

The growth of online learning has been substantial. In fact, according to the Sloan Consortium, 31 percent of all college students today are enrolled in an online course. This number is expected to increase as the convenience and flexibility offered by online learning makes attendance feasible for busy adults. The U.S. Department of Education concluded* in a study, "students who took all or part of their class online performed better, on average, than those taking the same course through traditional, face-to-face instruction."