Tuition & Fees

School of Business Tuition Rate Per Credit
Bachelor of Business Administration $520.00
Professional MBA $1,005.00
MS in Business Analytics $1,005.00
MS in Organizational Leadership $1,005.00
School of Communications Tuition Rate Per Credit
MS in Interactive Media and Communications $965.00
MS in Public Relations $965.00
MA in Cinematic Production Management $1,085.00
School of Education Tuition Rate Per Credit
MS in Instructional Design $710.00
MS in Special Education $710.00
Certificate in Social and Emotional Learning and School Climate $710.00
Graduate Certificate in Online Course Design $710.00
Special Education Certificate of Completion $710.00
School of Engineering Tuition Rate Per Credit
MS in Cybersecurity $975.00
School of Health Sciences Tuition Rate Per Credit
BS in Health Science Studies $580.00
Occupational Therapy Doctorate $1,015.00
Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Occupational Therapy $1,015.00
School of Nursing Tuition Rate Per Credit
MS in Nursing in Operational Leadership $750.00
Post-Master's Doctor of Nursing Practice $1,050.00
Summer Courses Tuition Rate Per Credit
All Undergraduate Courses (current on-campus QU and non-matriculated students) $800.00
All Graduate Courses (on-campus QU and non-matriculated students) $1,085.00


Technology & Lab Fees:

  • The summer semester technology fees are $85 per term for Summer I and Summer II ($170 for both).
    • A $25 per session registration fee also applies for each semester.
  • There is a $168 fee per semester for the fall semester and the spring semester for part-time (8 or less credits) enrollment.
  • For students who are enrolled full-time (9 or more credits) there will be a $375 fee per semester for the fall and spring.

*There are also other fees assessed for certain payment plans. Please check the Bursar's website for more information about fees.

Cost of Attendance

There are two categories of costs that make up your total student budget.

  1. Direct Costs for which you receive an e-bill from Quinnipiac University. These consist of tuition and any student fees, course fees and applicable registration fees.
  2. Indirect Costs you may incur but for which you do not receive a billing statement such as books, supplies, personal expenses and off-campus living expenses. These costs will change based on program of study and the budget terms a student is enrolled in.

Budget Periods: 3 months (summer only), 4 months (fall or spring only), 7 months (spring and summer) or 12 months (summer/fall/spring)

These estimates are for educational expenses and are, therefore, used when calculating financial aid eligibility. It is important to note that you will only be billed for the direct costs by Quinnipiac University.

Indirect Costs

Based on 2020/2021 budget:

Books & Supplies $350 to $1,050 annually depending on program of study and length of budget periods
Living Expenses $1,861 per month (off-campus and on-campus)
$902 per month (at home with parents)
Miscellaneous Expenses: $400 to $1,400 annually depending on program of study