Starting Your Scholarship Search

Step 1: Sign up for $ALT

Sign up for $ALT using your Quinnipiac username and password. Go to to sign up!

  • What is $ALT?
    $ALT is a financial management resource for college and graduate students that provides tools and information to help students keep track of their loans and find ways to pay for their undergraduate and/or graduate education. Signing up is easy and free with your Quinnipiac username and password!
  • Scholarship resources available through $ALT
    • Scholarship Eligibility Cheat Sheet
    • Are Scholarships Worth the Time and Effort?
    • Essay Tips – Using One Essay for Multiple Scholarship Applications
      *To find these resources, search “scholarship” from the $ALT homepage and you will find these resources and more!

Step 2: Register for a scholarship search engine

Some examples of scholarship search engines are:

  • Scholarship Experts
  • The College Board
    When creating your account, be as detailed as possible. There is a wide range of criteria for different scholarships. The more information you provide, more scholarship opportunities you will find. Scholarships can have criteria based on:
    • Major and/or graduate program
    • Navy, Army, Air Force or Military involvement
    • Ethnicity
    • Employers
    • Community involvement
    • Career goals
    • Citizenship
    • Full time/part time status
    • Financial need
    • Academic merit
    • Philanthropic involvement
    • Clubs/Organizations (student and/or parent involvement)
    • Athletics – recreational or professional/college level
    • Hobbies/interests
    • Associations/Societies

In addition to using the $alt tool, you can use any search engine tool on the web to search for scholarships.

2016-17 Scholarship Opportunities

School of Business Students

US Citizen Students

US Citizen & International Students