What Can I Do With a Bachelor of Business Administration?

April 4, 2016

What Can I Do With a Bachelor of Business Administration?

Perhaps you've seen a meme or heard a joke about businesses looking to hire people in their 20s with 30 years of experience. While it's obviously an exaggeration, the thought is certainly rooted in truth.

Finding BBA Job Opportunities: Easier Than You Might Think

While earning a BBA isn't equivalent to working in business for 30 years, a BBA can prepare you for the business world better than any liberal arts degree and give you the exact skills and knowledge that employers are looking for. You might say, “Yes, but what can I do with a bachelor of business administration?” The quick answer: When you have a BBA from a university that prepares you thoroughly, there's a lot you can do with it.

Business Analytics. Marketing & Advertising. Finance. Management. Accounting. Even International Business. Earning a BBA gives you the flexibility to explore any of these avenues and gain the skills you need to get noticed by employers in the business world.

Why a Bachelor of Business Administration is a Smart Degree to Pursue

There are many reasons for you to find a business degree completion program and earn your BBA. Here are the four most important ones:

1.   You Gain Real Skills.
With many degrees, you learn theories, but not how to put them into practice. A good BBA program arms you with skills that you can't get from a textbook. You discover how to think strategically and deal with all types of real-world situations (both from a human and a business perspective), particularly when you're learning from faculty who are active in their fields. If you're already a working professional, you may even be able to apply those skills to your job instantly.
2.   You're in High Demand.
There will always be a need for businesspeople of all types – analysts, accountants, marketers. Even when the economy tanks, there is still a need for people in these professions. The case is not the same in other industries; a BBA is a safer bet.
3.   A Better ROI.
If you think of your education as an investment and not as simply the next step in life (and let's face it – if you're thinking about a business degree completion program, you're probably already thinking this way), a BBA is the way to go. Compared to the opportunities that arise for most other undergraduate degrees (with the exception of Engineering), BBA job opportunities tend to offer higher pay; graduates who have earned liberal arts degrees typically earn less once they enter the workforce.
4.   It's Flexible.
While having a special focus like accounting or marketing is helpful, a general BBA usually gives you the flexibility to go into whatever business specialization is in the highest demand when you earn your degree.

What Corporate Employers Are Looking For

If you're looking for BBA job opportunities, you need to make sure you pick a program that will give you exactly what employers are looking for. The business world is fast-moving and ultra-competitive, so you need to pick a solid, supportive business degree completion online program to make sure you're learning from professionals who can help you fit the bill.

Today, corporations large and small are looking to hire people who:

  • Are highly skilled professionals
  • Can show results for their work
  • Can work both on their own and collaboratively
  • Are able to think strategically and make decisions rooted in solid, well-crafted strategy

Now that you've asked: “What can I do with a Bachelor of Business Administration?”, it's time to ask an even more important question – where can I find a BBA or business degree completion online program that will help me gain the skills employers desire? Answer that question, and you'll likely be well on your way to one of the most in-demand, flexible, and lucrative professions in America today. 30 years of experience, unnecessary. Ready to get started? Learn more about the Online BBA program offered by the Quinnipiac University School of Business.