Compassion Drives RN to BSN Student to Further Her Education

Student Stories: Brittany Kelly, RN to BSN Student

Brittany Kelly, RN to BSN Student

While in high school, Brittany volunteered at Seymour Pink, a community based, non-profit to raise money for breast cancer. She was moved as she listened to patients, survivors and their families share their experiences. They told the crowd of the compassionate nurses that supported them through their battle with cancer. The inspirational stories and courageous survivors compelled Brittany to do something more. It was here that she felt a true calling to be of service to patients and their families during the toughest fight of their lives. She began her nursing program right out of high school, earned her ASN and is now pursuing an RN to BSN at Quinnipiac University.

After Brittany graduated with her ASN, she worked in dialysis and then moved to a hospital setting. The floor quickly turned from a pulmonary to a COVID medical-surgical floor. These patients have a variety of medical needs and nurses who practice here must learn a broad range of advanced skills to care for the variety of cases. In addition to being a new nurse and swiftly adjusting to this specialized floor, she helps care for patients and their families through the uncertainty of COVID-19. Brittany has gained confidence and new skills in the short time she has worked in the hospital. As she notes, some cases can be more difficult than others, but with the support she has received at work, and the coursework in her BSN program, she is building a strong foundation for a successful career in nursing.

The BSN program provides Brittany with the resources, knowledge and foundation she needs to reach her ultimate goal of becoming a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) in pediatric oncology. With that goal in mind, she learns as much as she can from the professionals she is surrounded by. Each course she takes builds on the skills she practices in the hospital. For example, Brittany’s health assessment class reinforces skills and is a good reminder of what to do when assessing a patient for the first time. Her leadership courses give her confidence in her ability to self-advocate and the nursing science and information literacy course provides resources to enhance her nursing knowledge. These and other BSN courses have allowed Brittany to process what she has learned and sharpen her nursing skills to provide the excellent patient care expected of all nurses.

As Brittany reflects on her years volunteering with people affected by cancer, she feels great pride in knowing that she is bringing that same care to her own patients and their families. As she earns her BSN, her focus is on patient care, advocacy and leadership. Brittany's compassion and empathy for others is what drives her to continue to learn from her peers and educators.

Q & A

Why did you choose Quinnipiac’s online RN to BSN program to complete your BS in Nursing degree?

I chose Quinnipiac’s online program for many reasons. One being the high praise surrounding Quinnipiac as a whole. Quinnipiac is known for being an incredible school that holds their students to high standards, makes them work for what they want and helps them succeed. The other being an online program allows me to work as well as continue my education.

What do you like about the asynchronous, online delivery of the program?

What I like about the asynchronous, online program is the flexibility. Working 12 hour shifts with no set days throughout the week, it’s hard to find time to get schoolwork done. However, with the online program I have the flexibility to do schoolwork around my work schedule.

Brittany Kelly, RN to BSN Student.

What is the most interesting/inspiring/compelling thing you’ve learned to-date?

The most interesting thing I have learned thus far is how important the little things are in nursing. Applying what I learned in school to my current work allows me to give my patients the best care. In class we learn the importance of paying attention to the small details surrounding our patients. Allowing us to use these small details to change how we treat our patients and how important those small details are to the bigger picture.

What class have you most enjoyed? Why?

The class I have enjoyed the most would be our interprofessional class. This class allowed me to incorporate every profession into my patient’s care. Meaning taking this class has allowed me to see how important each profession is. As nurses we need our doctors, speech language pathologists, physical therapists, etc. to provide our patients the best care possible. Without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.

How has this program helped you in your day-to-day nursing responsibilities?

This program has allowed me to learn better care for my patients in my everyday work schedule. I learned the importance of incorporating all professions, resources I can access, and better tools for my health assessment. I provide better care for my patients due to this program.

Earning a BSN can mean something different for each nurse. Some may want to increase their pay while others may want to specialize. Whatever your reason for furthering your education, knowing why earning your BSN is important. Discover how Quinnipiac University's School of Nursing can transform your nursing career.

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