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Mining the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Report for Cybersecurity Career Guidance

Cybersecurity professionals prevent cyber attacks.

Last week Verizon published the 12th Edition of its annual Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR). This report, looked forward to every year by security professionals, highlights the previous years’ 41,686 security incidents and 2,013 data breaches, as investigated by Verizon and its 66 partners.

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Washington Moves to Address Shortage of Cybersecurity Workers

Businessman using his calendar as a time management tool.

Two new initiatives out of Washington last week promise to increase the number and skill level of trained cybersecurity specialists. First, President Trump issued a new Executive Order regarding America’s Cybersecurity Workforce.

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Time Management Strategies for Graduate Students

Businessman using his calendar as a time management tool.

As the marketplace demands continuous learning for employees, many professionals are faced with the decision of returning to school to earn a graduate degree. This poses a challenge for people who are already balancing work and home responsibilities. Learning effective time management strategies will help organize your life across work, home and school to create the time needed to succeed in your graduate degree program.

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Security Practitioners Must Keep Up with Changing Roles

Cybersecurity professinals discuss changing roles.

As digital technology penetrates virtually all business processes, the roles and responsibilities of information security practitioners are undergoing major changes. While data confidentiality was the highest priority over the past decade, newer responsibilities highlight data integrity and data availability.

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Cybersecurity Career Strategies: A View from the Top

Top level jobs like CISO are in demand.

The 2019 survey of 793 organizations was published at the end of 2018 and is the latest information on IT trends, including IT security trends. About 50% of CISO’s still report to a CIO and the other 50% are heavily influenced by their CIO; so, the IT Trends Survey is valuable reading for anyone in the security field.

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Craft a New Resume for Graduate School

Admission committee reviewing resumes for graduate applications.

While a personal statement shows your personality, a graduate school resume reveals your professional accomplishments. Ensure your resume works in your favor by reviewing the program and its admission requirements. Use these tips to fine tune your resume so that it is working with the rest of your graduate school application to present the best representation of yourself.

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Protecting Your Small Business From Cyber Scams This Tax Season

Cybercrimes target small business as Congress steps in.

Studies show that, overall, 62% of cybercrime targets were small and medium sized enterprises. Seeing this trend, in 2018, Congress passed the “Small Business Cybersecurity Act” to encourage the development of standards for small businesses. More bipartisan legislation to protect small business is being proposed in the 116th Congress.

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Cybersecurity Career Trends

Quinnipiac University’s Cybersecurity Program Director, Fred Scholl.

First of all, what is driving demand for new cybersecurity professionals? Cyber Seek is reporting 313,735 job openings today4. In general we are witnessing an unprecedented digitization of everything. Cyber risks are multiplying proportionally.

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How to Write a Personal Statement for Graduate School

Begin your personal statement.

A personal statement for graduate school is a compelling narrative that connects the applicant to the program. Like any good piece of writing, you want to grab the reader’s attention and leave a memorable impression. Draw a personal connection through your story-telling that allows the admission committee to know you beyond your grades.

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Cybersecurity Career Strategies: What Not to Do

Know what pathways to avoid when planning your cybersecurity career.

“I took the one less traveled by / and that has made all the difference.” What do these well-known lines by Robert Frost have to do with cybersecurity career strategies? Well, if practitioners today knew exactly what to do, we would not have the continuing cybersecurity risks that we do have.

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