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Developing the Art of Servant Leadership

Glen Taylor, MS in Organizational Leadership 2009 graduate.

For Glen Taylor, realizing his passion for servant leadership came years after he earned his graduate degree in organizational leadership at Quinnipiac University. Thinking back on his life, he began to weave common threads together and recognized that he has been getting ready for his executive leadership role his entire life.

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Developing Effective Leadership Skills

Jonathan B., MS in Organizational Leadership 2013 graduate.

Jon credits Quinnipiac University’s MS in Organizational Leadership program for accelerating his career by teaching him how to be a more effective leader. As Jon progressed through the MS in Organizational Leadership program, he applied characteristics of leading effectively that he learned in his courses.

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Digital Media Degree Opens Doors

Magdalena Owczarska, MS in Interactive Media and Communictions ‘17.

Magdalena is a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s MS in Interactive Media and Communications with a concentration in user experience design. In this program, she not only “gained insight related to theories, principles, and strategies in the field,” but immediately applied what she learned in her digital media degree to her work.

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31 Tips for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Use cybersecurity tips to protect your personal data.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) and the perfect time to implement some basic practices that we should each be taking to safeguard our privacy and valuable digital assets. To help us celebrate safely, Quinnipiac University’s Fred Scholl has developed this helpful list of 31 practical tips everyone can use to #BeCyberSmart in our personal and business lives.

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Will My College Credits Transfer Into a Bachelor’s Degree?

Man speaks with an admissions counselor to talk about transferring his credits into a bachelor's program.

If you have college credits from prior coursework, you may be wondering if your credits will transfer into a bachelor’s degree completion program. Each university has its own requirements for admission and for accepting transfer credits. Once the university completes a transcript evaluation, you will have a personalized pathway to complete your bachelor’s degree. So, where do you start?

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Becoming a Business Analyst

Cheryl B., MS in Business Analytics 2017 graduate.

Cheryl’s motivation wasn’t necessarily to become a business analyst, it was to create a better life for her family. With hard work, determination and her family by her side, she remained strong and did just what she set out to do.

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Building a Career in Strategic Communications

Matt Besterman with a tabletop model of the LEGOLAND New York theme park under construction.

Matt Besterman, MS ’16, found a dream job where ‘fun’ is in the job description. In May, Besterman was named public relations manager for LEGOLAND New York, the newest location for the theme park inspired by the popular toy.

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How to Become a Cybersecurity RSO

Cybersecurity professionals focus on prevention of cyber-attacks at all levels.

What is an RSO? A “reliability seeking organization,” as described in Vanderbilt Professor Rangaraj Ramanujam’s book, Organizing for Reliability. We tend to think of cybersecurity as black and white; breach or no breach. We often focus on architecture, threats and defenses.

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Pursuing a Passion in Digital Media Design

Michael sits in his design office at QU.

The bright New England sun scorches the asphalt landscape, and instead of bearing its hot and hazy rays, we are in a crisp, air-conditioned office surrounded by the greatest technology Adobe has to offer – where Michael feels most himself.

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Choosing Between an MBA and an MS in Organizational Leadership Degree

Aspiring leader decides to earn her MBA online.

Two of the most popular and beneficial degrees for current or aspiring business leaders are the MBA degree and a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership. While both can be very beneficial, these degrees are unique and each is tailored for a different audiences.

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