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Online Teacher Leadership Student Spotlight
Sara G.
MS in Teacher Leadership

What made you decide to get your MS in Teacher Leadership as opposed to another degree in education?

I wanted to be more outspoken in meetings, contribute more and share ideas and use my strengths. I needed to know how to do that better so that I can become a leader in that way. Also, I want to go into an administrative position one day and felt that this program is a good place to begin.

What was your experience in the online classroom?

I never took an online course, and I was not sure what to expect. The assessments were appropriately aligned with the courses. The assignments made me go out and talk across disciplines. The teacher leadership program promoted collaborating with other teachers in my school and in my courses. At Guilford High School, teachers have a central office space with a mix of disciplines (12 teachers and 1 dept head). It lends itself to a great collaboration space. This space and my projects both supported me and helped me branch out and build relationships with teachers in my school and across the state.

What about the program did you like?

Professor Wheeler was great on giving feedback to get me to think about things deeper. Professor Gilmore was fantastic. My first course, Your Leadership Plan, helped me think about my future and map it out. The program allowed for self-reflection and helped me break out of my comfort zone and gave me the confidence to collaborate more. This program makes me to want to participate in meetings.

What is next for you?

The teacher leadership program gave me a sound foundation to improve as a teacher. I am currently enrolled in the 6th year Educational Leadership program at Quinnipiac. Projected to graduate spring 2021.

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