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Online MSSE Student Spotlight
Bridget F.,
MS in Special Education

Can you describe what your experience has been like in the online classroom?

I was hesitant at first seeing as I learn better with face to face interactions, however the staff has been so helpful every step of the way! Any question I've had has been answered in a timely manner. They also were able to hold an orientation that helped calm any of my worries and questions. They then sent out the same information to students who were not able to attend! This has been such an awesome experience for me mainly because of the staff and the courses that they have put together!

Can you tell us what sets Quinnipiac’s program apart from some of the other programs you looked at?

Quinnipiac's program is all online. The other programs I looked at were cohorts that were once a week or multiple times a week which I simply didn't have time for in my busy life schedule. Each class is outlined with deadlines. These assignments can be done any time before they are due which is also helpful in this program. They are going to be visiting each school system during our practicums which also sets them aside from some of the other programs that I have looked at. The support here is definitely a game changer!

Did you learn anything in any of your classes that you were able to immediately apply to your job the next day?

I find that in all of my classes I have learned new information that I am constantly striving to apply in my classroom. For instance, I teach math and reading strategies that are far beyond what I thought I was teaching in my classroom. When I thought about it, I was able to help some of my students who struggle with word problems by using some of these strategies. I have also been able to have many different conversations based on new learning with my colleagues. In turn, some of them have been trying out some of the new strategies that I have learned as well. This program hasn't only made me a better teacher, but it has made my program in my school system stronger!

Did you receive a promotion or new job offer as a result of what you learned in the program?

I actually have been promoted to AP Calculus. I know that this is the furthest from Special education, however every year I have had students with IEPs and I think that special education is about learning strategies and reaching each and every student in their own way. This program along with Quinnipiac's MAT program has given me the tools necessary to be able to do this, and continue to strive to reach each and every one of my students!

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