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Online MBA Student Spotlight
John G.,
Master of Business Administration

How was your experience with the admissions staff?

The admissions staff and Quinnipiac University’s online MBA program was very helpful. They were able to walk me through the process from start to finish, providing guidance and answering all of my questions along the way. They really made the process as seamless as possible.

Can you describe what your experience has been like in the online classroom?

Taking an online class was new for me, but the technology support staff was very proactive in the way they provide instructions on setting up your computer to take your first online class. There is always a level of apprehension and a learning curve when you experience something for the first time, but the online support staff was always there for me when I had questions or problems. They made taking my first online classes a pleasure.

Can you tell us what sets Quinnipiac’s program apart from some of the other programs you looked at?

As an individual who does a significant amount of international travel for my job, the flexibility of an online program was vital to me. I also looked at enrolling in an online MBA program as an investment in my future, so selecting a program which was recognized as one of the top online programs in the country was also very important. Quinnipiac University provided me the flexibility and ability to focus on each area of study through its accelerated one class at a time approach, all in an AACSB accredited online MBA program ranked by US News and World Report as one of the best in the country.

Did you learn anything in any of your classes that you were able to immediately apply to your job the next day?

I find that I am able to utilize things I am learning in the online classroom every day in my job. In particular, I feel the program has significantly increased my decision making as I now look at complex business challenges and focus on defining the critical success factors and each option's potential negative outcomes. Often times in business the problem is not having too little information, but too much, and the program has increased my critical thinking skills to better focus on those factors most vital to the success of the program or project.

Did you receive a promotion or new job offer as a result of what you learned in the program?

During my time in the Quinnipiac online MBA program I was promoted to a global position within my organization, with primary responsibility for Japan and Latin America. The online program, through my studies and interactions with other business leaders, increased my critical thinking skills and prepared me for the increased challenges of working through complex business problems in diverse global markets.

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