Student Spotlights

Learn more about each student's experience and how their online program helped them to achieve their goals.

Brittany K.

Compassion Drives RN to BSN Student to Further Her Education

While in high school, Brittany volunteered at, a community based, non-profit to raise money for breast cancer. She was moved as she listened to patients, survivors and their families share thier experiences. They told the crowd of the compassionate nurses that supported them through their battle with cancer. The inspirational stories and courageous surviors compelled Brittany to do something more.

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Jakaya C.

Drive for Equity Motivates Educator

Jakaya “Kaye” Crump earned her MS in Special Education from Quinnipiac University to continue her drive for equity in the classroom. Although her journey was not easy, Kaye’s determination to find happiness and success won out. She relied on her past to guide her to a bright future both personally and professionally, and Quinnipiac’s special education program has helped Kaye gain the knowledge and skills to become the educator she feels her students deserve.

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Robyn B.

Sports Journalism Grad Earns Broadcasting Role for WNBA

Throughout her education at Quinnipiac, Robyn Brown felt inspired and supported to pursue her craft as a sports journalist. After she graduated from the MS in Sports Journalism program in 2019, she earned a position as the team reporter for the WNBA Connecticut Sun and New England Black Wolves.

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Erin B.

Building a Community Through Educational Leadership

Erin Bailey’s official title is principal, Bear Path Elementary School, but that doesn’t touch the breadth and scope of her role as educator. She is an inspiration to the families, students and teachers at Bear Path and across the Hamden School district. She greets each day with her mantra “Be kind all day, today and every day.”

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Susan A.

UX Designer Excels in New Role

Dating back to her childhood, Susan loved to draw and paint and knew she wanted to pursue a career that involved design. During her undergraduate program, Susan studied industrial design and took courses in user research and understanding empathy. As part of her studies, Susan worked to help create a fitness app to conduct user research. The human factor of the design process resonated with her, and it was this hands-on experience that solidified her decision to enter the field of UX Design.

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Achsah A.

From Pre-Med to Cybersecurity

Not many people can make the leap from pre-med to cybersecurity, but Achsah’s driving force was her curiosity in technology. Once she earned her bachelor’s degree in the health sciences field, Achsah began a search for a graduate program in technology that can turn her interest into a career.

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Gina G.

Grad Discovers Calling Through MSW Program

Social Work is Gina’s life passion; however, it took her an undergraduate degree and some soul searching to figure it out. She always knew that she wanted to help people, and throughout her studies became interested in psychology, criminology and forensic science. Gina put a lot of thought and exploration into how her interests fit together.

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Kim D.

MAT Program Prepares Grad for the Unexpected

Kim graduated from Quinnipiac University’s MAT in Secondary Education this year amid the pandemic. Her student teaching was cut short in the spring, but her confidence never wavered. Quinnipiac University School of Education prepared her for teaching in this unexpected environment. Kim shares an important take-away: “I am not going to get it right away. I understand it’s going to take time, but I’ll get there.”

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Mark T.

Becoming a Physician Assistant: Leading by Example

For Mark Turczak, Quinnipiac University is a family affair. Both Mark and his brother, Andrew, graduated from the Quinnipiac University’s physician assistant program and are now practicing PA's in Connecticut. Mark’s brother shared stories about his life on campus, in the classroom and the work he did during his clinicals. Those inspiring stories caught Mark’s attention and led him to Quinnipiac and a seat in the Entry-Level Dual-Degree BS/Master’s in Physician Assistant program.

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Barbara P.

BBA Unlocks Opportunities

With her associate’s degree in general studies, Barbara applied and was granted admission into Quinnipiac’s online Bachelor of Business Administration program. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in 2019 with support of her family and friends. The BBA opened up career opportunities and gave her the confidence to step out of the industry she has worked in her whole life.

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Linda T.

Early Influences Shaped Cybersecurity Professional

Linda’s quest for knowledge at a young age has prepared her for her role as a cybersecurity professional. She worked on secret intelligence in the U.S. Airforce, earned her bachelor’s degree in computer science and has not stopped learning since. Her MS in Cybersecurity has given her the knowledge and skills to support career advancement.

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Tracey Z.

OTD Grad Fulfills Goal of Becoming a Professor

Throughout her 25-year career, Tracey worked with a variety of populations and felt fortunate that she could reinvent herself as an occupational therapist by working with pediatrics, geriatrics, and home care clients. This kept her fresh and always learning something new about her profession. When she became a fieldwork educator, she made a powerful connection to teaching students.

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Leslie C.

A Graduate Degree in Nursing Fulfills Calling

Fulfilling her calling of becoming a nurse has always been on the forefront of Leslie's mind, which is evident in how far she has come from high school to earning her Master of Science in Nursing at Quinnipiac University. Her journey was neither easy nor direct, but she stayed focused on what is important to her – family and education.

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Andre A.

MS in Cybersecurity Creates Opportunities for Graduate

Andre A. Abbott graduated Quinnipiac University in 2008 with a BS in Information Technology. After graduation, he gained experience in a few firms, however, one question kept reverberating in his mind: How is all of this information secured? The online MS in Cybersecurity gave Andre the skills he needed to move into the cybersecurity field.

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Peter C.

Bachelor of Business Administration

Peter’s story is literally all over the map. He was born in Russia, moved to the United States when he was young, went to high school in Massachusetts, attended university in Canada for a short time, and completed his Bachelor of Business Administration online at Quinnipiac University. He has had quite a journey, and it isn’t over yet.

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Miranda M.

MS in Instructional Design

Miranda’s experience as an instructional designer has been shaped from the early 2000’s when Miranda was homeschooled as a high school student. Online learning was an emerging learning modality. As a result, she worked with a variety of platforms, instructors, and education systems. This early experience afforded Miranda the unique opportunity to use her past education to shape her future.

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Rebecca C.

MS in Business Analytics

Rebecca earned her online MS in Business Analytics from Quinnipiac University. During that time, she applied what she learned in the classroom to her human resource technology team and was given increased responsibilities. Rebecca’s background in information technology combined with her master’s degree gave her solid ground for career growth.

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Sharee B.

MS in Instructional Design

When Sharee began her teaching career, her entire class shared one desktop computer. As the wave of technology flooded the education system, teachers needed to catch up quickly on how to effectively use applications, software and multimedia files in the classroom. Sharee’s MS in Instructional Design degree from Quinnipiac University taught her how to responsibly implement the latest technology into her lesson plans.

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Bridget F.

MS in Special Education

Bridget Figmic is passionate about giving students the tools to thrive in and out of the classroom. Students come to class with different academic backgrounds, learning styles and social experiences. Bridget’s role is to design lessons so that each student reaches their full potential.

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Kevin L.

MS in Special Education

Kevin uses strategies he learned in Quinnipiac University's MS in Special Education program to break down barriers in his general education math classroom. He is changing the way students approach the subject and is finding success.

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Sophie C.

BS in Health Science Studies

Sophie made the difficult but necessary decision to return home from college after her sophomore year due to medical issues. At the time, she was devastated to leave her friends, her studies and the campus.

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Kendall C.

BS in Health Science Studies

Kendall currently works as an ophthalmic technician and planned on applying to optometry school after she graduated with her BS in Health Science Studies. Her plans changed. She took a year off after she graduated and is now applying to nursing school. Without the health science program, Kendall says that she would not have had the flexibility, support and direction she needed to make such big life decisions.

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Viki S.

MS in Instructional Design

After a decade of supporting instructional designers on e-learning projects, Viki wanted to focus her attention on the theory of instructional design. Although the creative side still appealed to her, Viki wanted more decision-making power and decided that a Master’s in Instructional Design would give her the foundation she needed to advance her career.

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Vanessa G.

BS in Health Science Studies

Vanessa Guzzardi, ’19, a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s online BS in Health Science Studies program, was recently inducted into the School of Health Science National Honor Society, Alpha Eta, a distinguished honor. Vanessa’s impact in the health science studies program is lasting. In turn, her classmates, professors and curriculum have had an ever-changing effect on her and the work she does.

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Sara G.

MS in Teacher Leadership

Sara is a high school Spanish teacher who looks to improve her abilities in the classroom and to become a leader in her school. QU's MS in Teacher Leadership program gave her the skills to move her career forward. Sara applies the strategies learned in the program to collaborate with other teachers, participate in meetings and find her leadership voice.

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Steve B.

MS in Teacher Leadership

Steve Bainer is a passionate social studies teacher and coach at Derby High School who has so much to offer his students while advocating for teachers. The master's in teacher leadership program at Quinnipiac University taught him how to articulate his ideas for school improvement. His main goal is to provide a safe, challenging and rewarding experience giving students a strong foundation in academics and life lessons.

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Glen T.

MS in Organizational Leadership

For Glen Taylor, '09, realizing his passion for servant leadership came years after he earned his graduate degree in organizational leadership at Quinnipiac University. Thinking back on his life, he began to weave common threads together and recognized that he has been getting ready for his executive leadership role his entire life.

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Jonathan B.

MS in Organizational Leadership

Bobcat pride fills Jon's office where he has counseled prospective students for the last ten years. His framed diplomas proudly display his BS and MSOL degrees next to several recognition plaques earned for various leadership roles at Quinnipiac. As Jon progressed through the MS in Organizational Leadership program, he applied what he learned to his become an effective leader.

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Magdalena O.

MS in Interactive Media and Communications

Magdalena is a graduate of Quinnipiac University’s online MS in Interactive Media and Communications program with a concentration in user experience design. She not only “gained insight related to theories, principles, and strategies in the field,” but immediately applied what she learned in her digital media degree to her work, earning her a new job before she graduated.

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Cheryl B.

MS in Business Analytics

Cheryl Belair’s life took an unexpected turn when she was in her 20’s. Throughout her trying times, she remained focused on the larger goal of earning a degree. She knew this would help to support her two children. It was difficult, but she did it. Years later, with her newly earned MS in Business Analytics degree, Cheryl reinvented herself, yet again. This time as a Business Analyst.

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Matt B.
MS in Interactive Media and Communications

Matt Besterman worked as a television producer for 20 years in Manhattan and Hudson Valley and realized that the industry was changing. He wanted to stay ahead of the evolution and decided to earn his MS in Interactive Media and Communications from Quinnipiac University. With a career change on his mind and an opportunity to interview at LEGOLAND, Matt was in perfect position to land a dream job.

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Michael V.
MS in Interactive Media and Communications

Michael’s passion for film and the arts took him on a successful educational and professional journey. Michael began his academic career at Gateway Community College in New Haven, CT and transferred to Quinnipiac University to complete his undergraduate degree in TV, film and media arts on campus. When he wanted to take his career to the next level, he entered the online MS in Interactive Media and Communication program where he earned his master’s degree in 2015.

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Nicole B.
MS in Special Education

QU’s online MS in Special Education was a perfect fit for Nicole and her family. She found the program to be flexible and the professors to be helpful and understanding. The MS in Special Education program has helped Nicole better understand the legalities of special education to help her child with special needs. In addition to advocating for her own child, she hopes to use this degree to work with other special needs children in a school system.

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Michelle B.
MS in Interactive Media and Communications

QU's MS in Interactive Media and Communications online program gave Michelle the support and foundation she needed to be a successful student and land her dream job. Michelle used HTML coding learned in class and immediately applied it to her work project the very next day. QU provided her with the skills necessary to reach her goals and strive for new ones.

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Diane O.
BS in Health Science Studies

The BS in Health Science Studies program challenged Diane to grow and develop skills which immediately enabled her for advancement into a mangerial role. Diane felt supported throughout the program crediting the admissions team, the library staff and her professors.

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Bridget F.
MS in Special Education

QU's MS in Special Education program gave Bridget the tools necessary to reach all of her students from basic math to AP Calculus. She has implemented these strategies across her discipline and has collaborated with her colleagues to make her math program strong.

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Michelle R.
BS in Nursing

Michelle chose QU’s BSN program because of the excellent reputation of Quinnipiac's School of Nursing, the flexibility of the program and the innovation of the courses. She has applied her learnings to her job and plans on furthering her education at QU.

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Mark G.
Doctorate in Nursing Practice

Mark's main purpose for obtaining his DNP was to teach at the college level. He obtained that goal and has been asked to be involved in various committees and projects at his place of employment. Mark's experience at QU has been positive and rewarding.

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Jeff N.
MS in Organizational Leadership

Jeff was motivated to return to school to enhance his current leadership set. His coursework and interactions with classmates helped him to bring a new perspective to his daily leadership role. In addition the program provided applications that helped strengthen his service as an elected official in Cheshire, CT.

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Julie V.
MS in Organizational Leadership

Julie came to Quinnipiac looking to grow her leadership skills and advance her career. As a result of her work in the program, Julie was able to obtain a managerial role in her chosen field of interest.

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John G.
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

John was looking for an accredited online MBA program that would allow him to complete his degree around a busy travel schedule. Quinnipiac University offered the flexibility he needed to pursue his educational goals.

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Matt P.
MS in Instructional Design

Matt was determined to find a graduate program with a structure that effectively blended theory and practice. The MS in instructional design program at Quinnipiac provided Matt with skills that were immediately applicable on the job and helped to upgrade his resume.

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Mindy G.
Occupational Therapy Doctorate

An experienced industry professional, Mindy came to Quinnipiac University with the goal of enhancing her occupational therapy practice. Through the skills she gained in the occupational therapy doctorate program, Mindy feels that she has become a better clinician and has developed into a true agent of change within her field.

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Nick W.
MS in Organizational Leadership

Nick was looking to enhance his leadership knowledge by combining his previous military experience with the civilian business world. With Quinnipiac’s online MS in organizational leadership program, Nick was able to leverage the skills he gained in the program to land a leadership position at a new company.

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Shana W.
BS in Nursing (RN to BSN)

Shana was searching for an RN to BSN program that would help her build a solid foundation in nursing and provide new opportunities for growth. Quinnipiac's online program allowed her to develop the nursing skills employers are looking for, which helped her land a new position in a specialty of her choice.

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Jennybeth D.
MS in Organizational Leadership

Jennybeth came to Quinnipiac looking to increase her marketability and advance her career. She worked closely with her admissions counselor to find the best program for her goals, and within six months of graduation Jennybeth was offered a supervisory position in her field.

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