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Online RN to BSN Student Spotlight
Shana W.,
BS in Nursing (RN to BSN)

How was your experience with the admissions staff?

The admissions staff at Quinnipiac was extremely helpful with answering any questions or concerns I had about the RN to BSN program. Most importantly, they extended their services by making sure I had all the things I would need to make my first semester a successful one. They connected with me personally to get an idea of what was best for me. The experience was such a warm and friendly welcome. By far the best I've had.

Can you describe what your experience has been like in the online classroom?

I've only taken two to three online classes in the past so I was hesitant at first to enroll in a program that was taught completely online. Like most students going back to school after they've been away for a while, I didn't know if the online setting would keep me focused. Boy was I wrong. I was able to adjust to the virtual classroom and got the hang of it fairly quickly.

What's great about the online program is the interaction between the students. The online experience here at Quinnipiac is different than a classroom setting. Although I may not get to physically see my classmates, I've developed a connection with them. It's interesting how you can learn so much from your fellow peers through open discussion. If I had any questions while working, online tech support was always there to assist me. The hours of operation work well with a student who may have a busy schedule.

Can you tell us what sets Quinnipiac’s program apart from some of the other programs you looked at?

When I was researching schools that were best for me, Quinnipiac's RN-BSN program caught my eye. I was able to talk to an admission counselor about the program and was informed of what it would offer me as a RN. The financial aid department provided assistance to make sure the program was affordable for me, which was a big asset in my decision.

Quinnipiac's RN-BSN program offers so many different opportunities for RN students. This program introduces a wide range of nursing concepts that will help expand on your knowledge and skills you currently possess. What I like most about the school is if you are a local resident, all the schools services and activities are open to online students as well. The professors are very supportive and provide constructive feedback to help improve and better your understanding of the course work.

Did you learn anything in any of your classes that you were able to immediately apply to your job the next day?

My learning experience has been great so far. I've been able to utilize what I've learned in my courses and apply it to work and situations of everyday life. For example, what I've learned regarding cultural diversity has been an enormous help with my thought process and interaction with others. We live in a very diverse society so my extended knowledge allows me to offer my true understanding to everyone around me. As I continue to learn, I look forward to the knowledge I will gain knowing it will enhance my skills as a nurse.

Did you receive a promotion or new job offer as a result of what you learned in the program?

Making the choice to enroll into the RN-BSN program has helped my nursing career tremendously. Prior to starting the RN-BSN program at Quinnipiac, I was a new graduate nurse searching for employment. Within the first few months of starting the program I was offered my first nursing job. I believe I was able to ease my introduction into this new role with the help of my online peers.

QU has put together a virtual classroom where we not only learn from our teachers, but from each other as well. Being able to share our knowledge and offer encouragement to each other was one of the best experiences. The program has taught me the importance of education. Needless to say, the opportunities that presented themselves because of this program were limitless. Thanks to my solid nursing foundation, I have been able to start my second nursing job in a specialty of my choice. As I look back to where I started, I feel QU has taught me to become a much stronger nurse. The hard work you put in is truly worth the accomplishment at the end.

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