Student Spotlights

Online BSN Student Spotlight
Michelle R.,
BS in Nursing

How was your experience with the admissions staff?

Eleonora was the best! She had so much patience, working with me all the way to ensure my experience was as smooth as possible.

Can you describe what your experience has been like in the online classroom?

Tech support is efficient and effective. They were able to fix my problem through chat. I was never hesitant about online learning because everything was user-friendly.

Can you tell us what sets Quinnipiac’s program apart from some of the other programs you looked at?

Quinnipiac’s nursing program has an excellent reputation. It is progressive and current. The pace of the program and time to completion was reasonable and allowed me to have adequate work-life-school balance.

Did you learn anything in any of your classes that you were able to immediately apply to your job the next day?

I learned about a quality improvement tool called PDSA, and I was able to use it in a project on my unit to decrease a knowledge deficit my patients had about cardiac medications upon discharge

Did you receive a promotion or new job offer as a result of what you learned in the program?

I have not graduated yet. I do intend to move on as a result of my higher degree.

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