Corporate & Organizational Partnership Program

Whether you are part of a global corporation, a health care organization, nonprofit or anything in between, your company will have a distinct advantage over competitors by having a highly skilled and educated workforce. Quinnipiac University Online's partnership program makes it easy for employees to expand their knowledge and skills with no impact on their work schedules.

Benefits of the Partnership Program

The main goal of Quinnipiac University Online's partnership program is to advance the skills of your workforce. We offer a diverse set of educational services to achieve that goal, which ultimately strengthens your organization through increased employee development, retention and satisfaction. Employees can enjoy:

  • Tuition discounts for adult learners
  • The convenience and flexibility of online learning
  • Technical support, available seven days a week
  • Instruction from the same faculty who teach on-campus

Get started today: Call 1-855-440-1654 or email Susan Daddio, manager of corporate and organizational partnerships.

In addition to benefits for employees, our partners have access to an array of education and training workforce solutions, designed and delivered by our team according to the specific needs of your organization.

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Partner Employees

In order to receive the benefits of your organization's partnership, a representative from your HR department must fill out an Employment Verification form. Please note that this form needs to be completed each semester. Click here to fill out this form.