Our Faculty

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Adobor, Henry -- Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Ahern, Todd -- Associate Professor of Psychology
Akselsen, Bjorn -- Part-Time Faculty
Alino, Nelson -- Associate Professor of Accounting
Allegra, Mary -- Part-Time Faculty
Amento, Emily -- Clinical Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging
Ammons, Janice -- Perlroth Professor of Accounting
Asare, Anthony -- Associate Professor of Marketing
Awudu, Iddrisu -- Assistant Professor of Management


Barratt, Lisa M. -- Clinical Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Barrere, Cynthia -- Professor of Nursing
Barry, Michael -- Part-Time Faculty
Beckett, Ronald -- Professor Emeritus
Biletzki, Anat -- Schweitzer Professor of Philosophy
Bondoc, Salvador -- Professor of Occupational Therapy
Bourgault, Kristen -- Assistant Teaching Professor of Education
Bowker, Brennan -- Part-Time Faculty
Brown, Carmen -- Part-Time Faculty
Burd, Amy -- Part-Time Faculty


Callahan, Ewa -- Associate Professor of Interactive Media and Design
Candler, John -- Clinical Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Imaging
Catlin, Amy -- Part-Time Faculty
Cavender, Monica -- Assistant Professor of Education
Ceccucci, Wendy -- Professor of Computer Information Systems
Chelikani, Surya -- Associate Professor of Finance
Chen, Xi -- Associate Professor of Sociology
Clark, Deborah -- Professor of Biology
Clark, Sarah -- Clinical Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies
Coe, Thomas -- Associate Professor of Finance
Cordeau, Mary -- Associate Professor of Nursing
Cuchara, Lisa -- Professor of Biomedical Sciences


Dampier, Sarah -- Part-Time Faculty
De Francesco, Scott -- Associate Teaching Professor of Strategic Communication
Defrancisco, Nancy -- Part-Time Faculty
DeQuattro, Anthony -- Part-Time Faculty
Devine, Jessica -- Assistant Professor of Education
Dodge, Jamey -- Part-Time Faculty
Durkin, Anne -- Professor of Nursing


Elahee, Mohammad -- Professor of International Business
Erardi, Scott -- Senior Project Manager


Falaro, Judith -- Assistant Teaching Professor of Education
Faranello, Scott -- Part-Time Faculty
Fidanza, Nicole -- Visiting Clinical Assistant Prof of Occupational Therapy
Foery, Raymond -- Professor of Film, Television, and Media Arts


Garfinkel, Mindy -- Part-Time Faculty
Gaspar, Joseph -- Assistant Professor of Management
Gedge, Judy -- Associate Teaching Professor of Business Law
Genova, James -- Part-Time Faculty
Ghosh Chowdhury, Tilottama -- Associate Professor of Marketing
Giaimo, Alicia -- Clinical Associate Professor of Diagnostic Imaging
Giles, Mark -- Part-Time Faculty
Gilmore, Gail -- Associate Professor of Education
Giordano, Shelley -- Associate Dean of the School of Health Sciences
Gius, Mark -- Professor of Economics
Gmeindl, Leanne -- Part-Time Faculty
Golden, Kent -- Senior Instructor of Interactive Media and Design
Goralski, Margaret -- Assistant Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Gordon, Mordechai -- Professor of Education
Gray, Margaret -- Assistant Professor of Nursing
Grindel, Bernard -- Assistant Director of the Learning Commons
Gruhn, Paul -- Part-Time Faculty


Haldane, Hillary -- Associate Professor of Anthropology
Handley-Cousins, Sarah -- Part-Time Faculty
Harris, Katherine -- Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
He, Xiaohong -- Professor of International Business
Herman, Genifer -- Professionals in Residence - School of Communications
Herold-Margolis, Susan -- Part-Time Faculty
Hong, Eleanor -- Part-Time Faculty
Howe, William -- Part-Time Faculty


Jean-Jacques, Pascale -- Associate Director for Multicultural Education
Johnson, Donn -- Professor of Economics


Kack, Karita -- Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Kalm, Robert -- Part-Time Faculty
Kaminski, Sara -- Part-Time Faculty
Karosas, Laima -- Clinical Professor of Nursing
Kempf, Sheila -- Part-Time Faculty
Kern, Cindy -- Assistant Teaching Professor of Education
Kerr, Keith -- Professor of Sociology
Kilic, Osman -- Professor of Finance
Kim, Ae-Sook -- Assistant Professor of Management
Kuppusamy, Saravanan -- Assistant Professor of Management


Larcada, Albert -- Part-Time Faculty
Laskin, Alexander -- Professor of Strategic Communication
Lee, Choonsik -- Associate Professor of Finance
Lee, King -- Part-Time Faculty
Lessard, Katarzyna -- Clinical Assistant Professor Nursing
Liu, Ben -- Professor of Marketing
Liu, Todd -- Part-Time Faculty
Longley, Peter -- Part-Time Faculty
Luoma, Patrice -- Professor of Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Lynch, Susan -- Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing


Mancini, Julie -- Part-Time Faculty
Marchese, Courtney -- Assistant Professor of Interactive Media and Design
Marini, Michelle -- Part-Time Faculty
Maron, Matthew -- Assistant Teaching Professor of Accounting
Mattie, Angela -- Professor of Management
May, Scott -- Part-Time Faculty
McCarthy, Richard -- Professor of Computer Information Systems
McCaughern-Carucci, James -- Part-Time Faculty
Meriano, Catherine -- Professor of Occupational Therapy
Milewski, Angela -- Part-Time Faculty
Miner, Sarah -- Part-Time Faculty
Mumm, Erica -- Clinical Assistant Professor Nursing
Myrick, Karen -- Associate Professor of Nursing


Nadeau, Barbara -- Clinical Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Napolitano, Lin -- Part-Time Faculty
Nehrt, Chadwick -- Professor of International Business
Neidig, Christopher -- Director of Online Master's Programs
Nicholson, Nicholas -- Associate Professor of Nursing
Norbis, Mario -- Professor of Management


Parks, Rachida -- Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
Paros, Amy -- Assistant Teaching Professor of Management
Pasqua, Ferdinand -- Part-Time Faculty
Patidar, Nitish -- Assistant Professor of Management
Paulson, Erika -- Assistant Professor of Marketing
Polonsky, Maxim -- Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing
Powers, John -- Part-Time Faculty
Prasad, Nita -- Associate Professor of History
Price, Lynn -- Professor of Nursing
Priestley, Tamara -- Part-Time Faculty


Rapsilber, Lynn -- Part-Time Faculty


Sadrieh, Farid -- Associate Professor of International Business
Sawyer, Donald -- Assistant Professor of Sociology
Schroder, Jacquelyn -- Part-Time Faculty
Schwartz, Brian -- Part-Time Faculty
Schwartz, Ruth -- Associate Professor of Education
Scozzafava, Jason -- Clinical Assistant Professor of Health Science Studies
Seruya, Francine -- Clinical Associate Professor of Occupational Therapy
Simon, Phillip -- Director of Graduate Programs
Sprinkle, Therese -- Assistant Professor of Management
Stone, Michael -- Part-Time Faculty
Subramanian, Ramesh -- The Gabriel Ferrucci Prof of Computer Information Systems


Tai, Teresa -- Associate Professor of Management
Thomas, W. -- Professor of Law
Thompson, Judy -- Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
Tirado-Cordero, Ivan -- Part-Time Faculty
Toothaker, Heather -- Part-Time Faculty
Tortora, Mark -- Associate Director of Education Abroad Programs
Triantoro, Tamilla -- Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
Twomey, Teresa -- Assistant Professor of Nursing


Ullinger, Jaime -- Associate Professor of Anthropology


Valone, David -- Professor of History


Willis, Laura -- Assistant Professor of Health & Strategic Communication
Wolfe, Kristen -- Part-Time Faculty


Yawson, Robert -- Assistant Professor of Management


Zipoli, Mandy -- Part-Time Faculty

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