Custom Training Solutions for Corporations and Organizations

We understand that training is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Every organization has different needs, values and learning objectives. At Quinnipiac University we will take the time to sit down with you to learn more about your team's specific challenges and needs. Based on that consultation we will determine the learning opportunities that will work best for your organization and tailor the program to fit your objectives. The result is a unique, flexible training program built to help your organization and its employees reach their goals.

Ready to talk about how your business can benefit? Call 1-855-473-4734 or email Susan Daddio, manager of corporate and organizational partnerships, to start the conversation.

How the program works.

Our training experts will work with you to create custom training courses to be offered both online and on-site at your location. This blended approach to learning makes it easy for both local and global members of your team to get the training they need. And our renowned faculty and staff help ensure the program will be a highly effective one for your company.

Keep in mind these programs are designed to supplement any existing in-house efforts you are putting forward, not to replace them. By working together, we ensure maximum effort in making a positive impact on your workforce.

Reaching employees around the globe.

Whether you are part of a major international corporation or a regional not-for-profit, your organization can gain a great deal from custom training solutions. Quinnipiac University Online allows you to reach employees all around the world. A team member in Australia can be completely in tune with the rest of the team back in New York or L.A.

Areas of expertise.

Quinnipiac University Online currently offers three areas of expertise for training programs:

  • Business Analytics
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Strategic Communications

While these training areas have been our primary focus, we are not limited to these programs. As an acclaimed, nonprofit educational institution, we have access to a wealth of resources and can easily incorporate other business and communication assets in order to create the most effective program for your organization.